Allison Hom

“Completing week 2 of this internship went a lot smoother than I thought. Learning how to use WordPress and SEO tools for the first time was definitely intimidating, but we learned quickly to get on our feet and reach our goals. Our team gets along tremendously and we built a strong support system for each other”

Kunal Dubey

“This Internship gave me an opportunity to exhibit my skills and ideas in a way to make it application based. Working and contributing to a team makes the process of internship competitive and makes everybody learn in a team. Looking forward to comprehending and execute more digital-oriented objectives. I appreciate the work culture that makes me feel like a part of the company rather than just an Intern!”

Chloe Corkery

“This is the perfect internship to be creative and work with people with similar interests and attitudes! My teammates are awesome and so is Denonte! Everyone wants the best for each other and keeps a great attitude always helping each other out. I can’t wait for more to come”

Swetha Sridhar

“It’s excellent. Being a part of the analytics team has introduced me to various concepts I wasn’t aware of before like WordPress, plugins, landing pages, Kickstarter, creating a website. The daily deliverables are helping us collaborate, giving us an opportunity to learn from each other. Most importantly, I’m glad I chose to be in the Google Analytics team which is doing great with helping each other and executing the output.”

Jessica Chen

“I had a great time these past two weeks getting to collaborate with my team on making videos! I love the creative process that goes into thinking of what to include in the video scripts, as well as researching topics that we found to be really interesting that could be included. Seeing the finished product with a lot of animations and video editing made the entire team feel accomplished and proud of our work! I’m really glad to be a part of this internship and I look forward to creating more content!”

Matt Lammers

“I have really enjoyed this internship. I have learned so much from WordPress to Google Ads, and AdWords and the ability to collaborate with each other. The analytics team has done great work and I have learned so much. I was also impressed with the knowledge that I have learned and would highly recommend this internship to all students interested in learning more about various areas of digital marketing. Thank you again for the opportunity!”

Eunice Olugbile

“This Bootcamp style training was one of the most creative experiences I’ve ever had while applying for a job or internship. It was definitely interesting to be able to see everyone else’s designs, too, because we all think differently and bring different strengths to the table. Applying to internships is usually very nerve-racking, but I had so much fun and got a great feel of what MILLENNIALTOONS is like! I also loved getting to know how to design for a brand with a specific niche while also being able to put my own artistic spin on it! My favorite assignment was definitely the TV show college because it involved a little bit of research on a topic that brought back memories. I look forward to working with MILLENNIALTOONS this summer.”

Beverly Wong

“Bootcamp styled application process was a dynamically creative and educational experience for me. Being a student that has years of experience in the customer service industry rather than her own marketing field, this has been a stepping stone for making my transition over. For starters, it has indefinitely broken the stigma that your resume defines you and has provided every candidate a fair opportunity to broadcast their skillsets. In doing so, I was also provided with knowledge of the constantly changing field of digital marketing. These assignments have introduced me to the process of strategically creating engaging content through the use of creativity, profound research, and newly introduced apps. Thank you for this opportunity, as this has been a nostalgically enjoyable and engaging experience, and I look forward to being able to work with MILLENNIALTOONS again in the future!”


“I have had a great time participating in this week’s Bootcamp! Bootcamp offered different methods of creativity and innovation while generating old childhood memories. The Bootcamp was not only informative and great learning space, but also entertaining and fun. Hosting an online Bootcamp is not always easy, especially during the times of Covid-19. The videos and instructions were helpful to follow along while giving us the chance to further get to know the company and CEO. I am thankful MILLENNIALTOONS hosted this wonderful Bootcamp, as many companies have halted their programs due to the current crisis. I think this exhibits the company’s dedication and commitment to continue working and developing new interns. I could not be more pleased with the information and positive attitude I received throughout Bootcamp. Thank you for the innovative learning experience and an amazing opportunity!”

Josh Rosen

“MILLENNIALTOONS Bootcamp was an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience! I really enjoyed stepping into the shoes of my younger self in order to create fun, innovative, and unique content. Through participating in these daily tasks, I also was able to become very familiar with and fond of InShot, an app I had never used much of before. Overall, this boot camp was something really unique that I wish more companies did! The tasks were simple to follow but also forced me to be creative, and I was able to learn and accomplish so much all from the convenience of my phone! Thank you so much for this really amazing opportunity!”

Madeline Rosenberg

“MILLENNIALTOONS Bootcamp was an experience like no other. Each day, I woke up excited to see what the activity was. I truly enjoyed creating content and being able to express my creativity through posts. Through each day’s videos, I gained tremendous new digital marketing and social media skills that I will definitely bring with me in the future. I loved seeing everyone else’s designs, as they helped me learn and sparked inspiration. A lot of the content even brought back old memories I forgot I had! I definitely think more companies should partake in boot camps like this – it was much less nerve-racking for applicants and overall so much fun! Thank you for this amazing experience and opportunity and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

Samuel Goldstein

“I really enjoyed Bootcamp this week. With recent developments in the world, jobs are becoming harder to come by and this has the unfortunate aftermath of limiting the experience that young students and professionals need to succeed in the workplace. MillennialToons and the online Bootcamp meant that I was able to continue to build my skills. The video tutorials made everything easy to understand and made me feel like I was taking something away from what I was learning. This last week showed me that MillennialToons is a company that cares about its employees and their personal development. This was a completely new experience for me that I am really glad I got to participate in. I would be thrilled to become an intern for MillennialToons this summer. Thank you again for the opportunity!”

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