5 Nostalgic Games to Get Fun From Home

By: Maruixi Moran Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping social distancing and staying at home became the required rules to follow. We have been taken away from our almost restless lives outside, and from those leisure activities that we used to enjoy with our friends. Boredom and free time are probably at the top of ourContinue reading “5 Nostalgic Games to Get Fun From Home”

Quarantine Card Games: NSFW Edition

By: Chloe Corkery Is quarantine life getting mundane for you? Do you miss the scandals of everyday life? Instead of wallowing in your beige daily routine, spice things up with these NSFW (not safe for work) card games! These games have themes you’d only be comfortable talking about in your own home with your closestContinue reading “Quarantine Card Games: NSFW Edition”

Games to Play During the Pandemic

By: Rachel Lessig 1. Clue: A mystery game that tests your detective skills. The suspects and weapons are all pieces of the game. The objective of the game is to be the first player to figure out the mystery of who was killed, what room they were killed in, and with what weapon. When aContinue reading “Games to Play During the Pandemic”