5 Nostalgic Games to Get Fun From Home

By: Maruixi Moran

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping social distancing and staying at home became the required rules to follow. We have been taken away from our almost restless lives outside, and from those leisure activities that we used to enjoy with our friends. Boredom and free time are probably at the top of our daily routines. And what about nostalgia? It is present every time we miss our previous lifestyles, remembering those little, fun moments in our lives.

Beyond the dark situation, online group activities could be a great way to have a good time despite social distancing. Among the several options of leisure, online games become the most accessible alternative to hang out, relax, or just leave the bad news aside. With that in mind, we put together this list with five games to play with friends or family, but with a cool twist: letting nostalgia take us to old memories of our childhood and teenagerhood. Let’s have fun like in the old times!


This is a great option to have fun while you reminisce about those series, cartoons, and memories of the 90s and early 2000s that were part of our everyday life. Do you remember watching SpongeBob in the afternoons or singing out loud Pokémon’s intro song? With the upcoming digital version that could be downloaded from the official MILLENNIALTOONS website, you and your peers will enjoy an “old school” game time, in which nostalgia and good memory are the keys. Are you competitive enough to join the challenge?

2. Finish the Song Lyrics

This classic game is a good option to change the routine and put rhythm to your regular video chat with your friends. Whether singing out loud Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” or any Backstreet Boys hit, music always helps us relax and have an entertaining time.

Recently, the Houseparty app included among its trivia games this option with some musical hits. However, if you are looking for something personalized, you have options to do it. You can search for existing YouTube videos with popular songs or create your own playlist. Then, host a meeting through Zoom or your preferred video call platform, and get ready to put all your friends to sing and remember those hits that we used to dance!

3. Club Penguin Rewritten

Probably, this is one of those nostalgic memories. Who does not remember spending their afternoon playing with our virtual penguin character in a world with almost everything was possible: making new friends, hanging out, decorating your igloo, raising little pet puffles, and playing minigames.

Even though the official Disney’s Club Penguin was shut down in 2017, a similar version, Club Penguin Rewritten, was created by fans to revive the experience with the colored penguins.

UPDATE: As of May 15, 2020, Club Penguin Rewritten has been completely shut down due to allegations concerning child abuse and reprehensible activity.

4. Tabletopia

This digital platform contains a variety of online games and traditional board games, which is a great advantage when the routine becomes monotonous. Tabletopia website states to provide more than 900 online games, where there’s not only the option to play with your friends but also to play solo or join games with players worldwide.

5. Parchisi STAR

This classic game of Indian origins became one of the most downloaded apps in Europe and Latin America during this 2020 pandemic. The game, which is an almost exact version of Ludo, allows users to compete with one or more connected players at the same time, in addition to chatting during the game, customizing their chips and the board, and giving them prizes for winning. It is available in the App Store, as well as Google Play

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