By: Isa Wilson

MILLENNIALTOONS has launched its NSFW games right in the midst of a quarantine. Throughout this isolated experience, MILLENNIALTOONS has proceeded to release games for the public. Gearing towards the audience of millennials – as implied from the company’s name – as well as the Gen-Z audience, MILLENNIALTOONS has developed several online games to pass the time.

With various games such as MT, God Hates Charades, and Psychiatrist available on the main website, thousands of people even a typical Saturday afternoon through Zoom calls and Facetime messaging while playing these games. With online activities such as MT, people who are 17 and above can experience nostalgia through the various methods and strategies for bringing out an adventurous side from any player involved. 

In the midst of an anticipated second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, several states have already begun reopening. However, some states such as Texas or Florida have begun seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, resulting in people searching for ways to pass the time whilst remaining indoors. With MILLENNIALTOONS offering its Kickstarter campaign, which includes a wide variety of games, the possibility of boredom has now become a thing of the past.

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