Top 4 Digital Women’s Publications that Young Women should take a look at

By: Swarma Gowtham

1. Cosmopolitan Magazine

This magazine has been a pop culture staple for American Women for decades and the digital version has been something I go to for Lifestyle tips/ Celebrity and Entertainment news for years. This Hearst publication does a very good job of providing all sorts of informational outlets to young women due to the broadness of topics explored in Cosmopolitan. Not only can you get the latest news on politics, but you can also get college tips, sex tips, and mocktail recipes while you’re at it. An iconic woman deserves iconic reading material during the quarantine.


2. HerCampus

This digital media site has been home to amazing college-age writers for over a decade. There is advice/ informational columns about most of the college campuses in the country in addition to opinion pieces written by talented writers who are engaged in the political, social, and cultural scene. Better yet, the majority of these articles are written by college-aged women. 


3. Brown Girl Magazine

This online media publication is geared towards a South Asian American Female Audience. Although this publication is made for a specific audience, women of all backgrounds can learn so much from visiting this website to learn more about South Asian femininity and culture. This publication is a great way for South Asian women to write and read the thoughts and opinions of women that belong to their backgrounds.

4. Black Girl Digital

Similar to Brown Girl Magazine, this publication is geared towards a certain audience. Black Girl Digital is a safe space for black women to share and read thoughts, opinions, and articles relating to their race and ethnicity. Black women have a rich history in America and they’re opinions and take on life is an interesting way to learn more about their community. This publication is an awesome way to engage with the female black community.


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