Virtual Games Best Suited To Play With Friends and Family While Social Distancing

By: Swarna Gowtham and Anuja KC

With today’s social distancing rules set in place, it is extremely important to stay connected with friends and family. Although it may not be through face-to-face interactions, there are still ways you can spend time with the people you are close to. Virtual gaming is one method to spend quality time with your friends and family while maintaining excellent health from a safe distance. In addition to video chatting, here are some games you can play with others while practicing social distancing.    

  1. Card Against Humanity 

The first time I played Cards Against Humanity was during my freshman year of college with my friends. I was confused when we started playing the game but by the end of the night, I was already in love with it. Three years passed and we still play Card Against Humanity in every gathering we do. 

However, practicing social distancing has become a new normal for people around the world. Because of this worldwide pandemic, we have no choice but to stay at home and live a virtual life. Playing Cards Against Humanity is not only crucial for positive mental health but also for staying connected with your friends and family. 

Now, you can play your favorite game from wherever you are. 

  1. Ludo Club 

Another game that I am passionate about is Ludo Club. I grew up playing Ludo with my cousins and family members, but I was introduced to the online Ludo club just a  while ago. Ludo reminds me of my childhood and brings out my competitive side. This online game is perfect for the pandemic and there is no doubt you will fall in love with it as well.  

This game is usually played with 2-4 people at once, and ultimately, the goal is to roll the dice and kill your opponent. To learn more about the game and how to play, please visit the link https://www.ymimports.com/pages/how-to-play-lud

  1. Netflix Party 

Netflix Party might not necessarily come under the games categories, but it helps you stay connected with your friends and family remotely. We all want to hang out with our friends while still practicing social distancing during COVID-19. 

Netflix party helps you watch your favorite movie shows from the safety of your home and this is exactly what you need right now. Learn more about how to enjoy your Netflix Party by clicking on the link  https://www.netflixparty.com/

  1. Uno

Uno, a cult classic card game, can indeed be played virtually. Although playing it virtually doesn’t give you the same amount of nostalgia as it did when you played it in real life as a child, it can still be a great way for you and your friends to reconnect. It can be played in a multitude of different ways that span from a one-on-one game mode, a two-on-two game mode, and a tournament-style version where you can compete with many people at once. The Virtual version is available on the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Monopoly

Monopoly, another classic childhood game, can now also be played virtually. You can play with your friends via the app for the game, now available on both the App Store and Google Play. However, it must be noted that the virtual version of Monopoly is limited to four players only. So if you are trying to chill with a tight circle of friends, this game is ideal. 

  1. Mario Kart Tour

A personal favorite for many, of course, is Mario Kart. The virtual version can be just as fun when you play with your friends while either on FaceTime or Zoom. This way, you and your friends can swiftly communicate with one another while beating each other out for the first place. This app is also available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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