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MT NSFW (or Not Safe For Work) is a new mature card game curated by the Millennial Toons, LLC brand. This game was curated for college students, by college students. Our NSFW game works as an adult ice breaker, perfect for quarantine game nights and festivities. Make the most out of your July 4th weekend by hosting a virtual game night on platforms like Zoom, Discord, Twitch, Instagram Live, Facetime, and many more.

Get all your players to join a video conference. Launch the MT NSFW game in a web browser and share your screen with your players. Players can “buzz in” by shouting their names on the microphone or by using the chatbox.

If you’d like a physical copy of the game, we are launching our first Kickstarter Campaign on August 2, 2020. Subscribe for more details about the release.


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Rating: 5 out of 5.

MILLENNIALTOONS is a charades based card game that tests your ’90s and early ’00s nostalgia and knowledge! 

The game is very simple and based on turns, where players work in teams to guess the cards drawn by their teammates. Players will race against the timer to give impressions of the cards they draw. The team with the most correct cards will win the game!

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